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Posted on: July 22, 2017
A cocktail is a merged drink containing alcoholic beverages.
Cocktail could also make reference to:
Fruit cocktail, an assortment of various fruits, often canned
Shrimp cocktail, also called a prawn cocktail, a kind of seafood cocktail
Cocktail dress, a shorter span lady’s gown
Molotov cocktail, a crude incendiary weapon
An assortment of drugs, especially an assortment of Antiretroviral drugs used to take care of HIV sometimes called a “triple cocktail”
A method of arcade cupboard where the display is horizontal and players generally be seated opposite the other person to play
In scuba with a rebreather, slang for caustic water getting back in circuit if normal water gets at its absorbent
Cocktail (code name), the code name of Apple’s iTunes LP music format
Cocktail (newspaper), a Swedish and Norwegian erotic newspaper edited by Linda Johansen

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