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Posted on: August 22, 2017
Pak’nSave (stylised PAK’nSAVE, formerly PAK ‘N SAVE) is a fresh Zealand discount food warehouse string owned or operated by the Foodstuffs cooperative.
Founded in 1985, Pak’nSave was the previous of the three major New Zealand supermarket stores (the other two are Countdown and ” NEW WORLD “) to be founded. By April 2017, there have been 56 Pak’nSave stores functioning over the North and South Islands of New Zealand.
Pak’nSave’s key insurance plan is to provide every day food and groceries at low prices, that they condition in their current slogan (by March 2013) ‘Our Insurance plan: NZ’s Lowest Food Prices’. Stores are large and also have a no-frills environment, often with unlined interiors and concrete floor surfaces. Customers are kept to load up their own totes, and billed for plastic carriers generally in most stores. Many stores offer containers place on or under a huge office where customers can load up their groceries for easier convenience. Pak’nSave continues to be the least expensive supermarket in New Zealand.

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